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Burnout is an Engineering Start-up created under 3 Brothers firm to provide One Stop solutions for all type of customization whether it may be in Industry or Personal use or for a project. Burnout believes in serving

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Rack & Pinion

Rack & Pinion -C-Factor for Rack is 7.4". -Al Alloy Casing Material -EN Series Gear Material -1.5 Turns Lock to Lock -12" Rack -Hem Joint at both end.

Light Weight Axle for ATV

These are Hooke Joint's Fork with 45 Pressure Angle Spline made from Al 7050. This whole assembly will eliminate heavy Weight CV Axel and their angle limitations. At the day’s end it will save weight of your Vehicle. How says Hooke joint can't adjust it's Lenght. When building with burnout, it can plug on Wheel Travel.

AISI 4130 Now Available

Refilling the inverntory with AISI 4130 & AISI 1020 Available sizes are :AISI 4130-1" OD X 1.2 mm: :AISI 1020-1" OD X 1.2 mm: :AISI 4130-1" OD X 1.6 mm: :AISI 4130-1" OD X 2 mm: :AISI 4130-1" OD X 3 mm: :AISI 4130-1.25" OD X 1.6 mm: :AISI 1020-1.25" OD X 1.6 mm: :AISI 4130-1.15'' OD X 1.6 mm: Samples Available